Hi. I'm Suyash Shrivastava.

Trainee Decision Scientist at Mu Sigma | Quiz Coordinator at Aryabhat Foundation
Bachelors of Engineering, Information Technology, SGSITS, Indore. (2012 - 2016)
Having completed my engineering, I have set an objective to keep the learning curve of my life as steep as possible so as to be an asset to my future associations.
I have recently been hired as a Trainee Decision Scientist at Mu Sigma, one of the world's largest pure-play decision sciences and analytics firms and I am excited to start my venture in this new field of Data Sciences.
I look forward to coming out of my comfort zone and getting out to do some real rigorous work! Currently, I am a freelancer (Web Development and related tasks) and anyone interested in grabbing a coffee and talking shop can reach me through this page or shoot me an email.

Interests: Astronomy, Reading, Decision Sciences, Music {Pianist}, Networking. Learn about what I do

What keeps me going?

I believe that life is more about learning than knowing ...!


The field of analytics has always been fascinating and intriguing to me. Expecting to find my career sweet spot in this field, I seek to augment my business acumen and become proficient in technologies like R, Python, excel before embarking on a roller-coaster career at Mu Sigma.


The sky looks different to me! The best part about Amateur astronomy is that it can be a lifelong pursuit, and there's always something new to look at. I am now a volunteer at Aryabhat Foundation and organize various night sky watching camps and activities.


Music to me is... bliss! I have been hitting on those black and white keys since my childhood. Presently I own Yamaha's PSR E550 arranger keyboard. Find my music videos here.


Here’s some stuff I made recently.

The more you develop the more you learn.


Indore, apart from being the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, is also famous for its food and snacks. It has also been voted as the ‘Best Foodie City’ of the India. This website is created to aid an Indore-based startup to sell the famous Indori delicacies online to masses. This has been built using the very popular WordPress CMS and allows users to choose from a spectrum of products and get them delivered at their doorstep. Happy munching!


It is a website developed for an Indore-based distributors of building materials including pipes, tiles, and other sanitary wares. This project is developed using the WordPress CMS and in addition to featuring the firm's basic information like contact details, map-location etc, it also incorporated PDF catalogs of all the products Puranmals dealt with. This website is now helping them to attract more clients and expand their business operations.

SGSITS Complaint Forum

This is a Web application which is now deployed on the main server of IT Department, SGSITS. Students can report hardware or software related problems to the concerned lab management staff using this application on Local Area Network. The administrator could view complaints and mark them solved once solved; manage labs and manage student accounts. Each student has unique credentials to log in.

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